Windmill Mountain Blade Trailer

Windmill Mountain Blade Trailer

1.Designed for heavy equipment blade transport.
2.It can transport blades up to 60 meters long.
3.Aiming at the complicated road conditions in the process of mountain windmill blade transportation.

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Windmill mountain blade trailers are designed for heavy equipment blade transport. So far, it can transport blades up to 60 meters long. Aiming at the complicated road conditions in the process of mountain windmill blade transportation, combined with the actual needs of the transportation process, a special blade transportation equipment was designed. Due to traffic and weather factors, conditions should be considered to ensure wind safety, use and operation of this windmill mountain blade trailer.

A special adapter for blade transport is attached to the rear axle of the low bed semi-trailer. Connect the root of windmill mountain blade trailer directly to the flange of the adapter and grasp the bracket. Through the hydraulic cylinder, the blades will be lifted in the air, the length is short, and the transportation is convenient. During the transportation, the lifting angle of the blade is between 0 and 55 degrees, and the rotation of the bottom is supported between 0 and 360 degrees to achieve complete rotation.

Windmill mountain blade trailer is suitable for different types of trucks, and can also change the ground clearance of the trailer to adapt to the harsh road conditions. During transport, the blades will be lifted and swung left and right to avoid trees, mountains, wires and other obstacles. It effectively solves the problem of mountain transportation and becomes the main transportation equipment.


* The blade transfer adapter is driven by a hydraulic device.

* The leaf spring is placed underneath, the cargo platform is low, the longitudinal beam is pulled freely, and the passability is good.

* The rear axle uses a suspension system developed to solve the foreseeable difficulties in loading.

* Equipped with a hydraulic steering system greatly reduces the difficulty of turning.

* The two-axis steering system is equipped with a small hydraulic station for manual steering.

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