MEGA Lowboy Trailer

MEGA Lowboy Trailer

1. Specially designed for heavy and special transportation.
2.The maximum load capacity can reach 150 tons.

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We provide special design for your heavy transportation project requirements.
Each MEGA lowboy trailer can be customized according to the actual transport project.
It can be equipped with 1 to 5 axes.
Different types of MEGA lowboy trailer, with or without 1 to 3 axes free swinging dolly.
It is specially designed for heavy and special transportation. The maximum load capacity can reach 150 tons.
Front end with dolly of lowboy trailer is for load distribution.


There are many types of lowboy trailers for a variety of tasks. Some types are:

1. Fixed Gooseneck (FGN): Allows longer deck lengths and has the lightest weight. These are lower trailers than regular trailers. Low profile tires usually have a descending slope at the rear to facilitate loading equipment, but are not considered "low key". The neck arches in such a way that as it descends, it becomes a slope, allowing the front tire of the device to be pulled onto the deck.

2. Fixed neck: The neck is fixed on the trailer; provides the lightest weight but sacrifices the ability to separate and load in the front

Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck (Hydraulic RGN or HRGN): Fastest and easiest to disassemble at the expense of weight and deck length. It is the most common and versatile lowboy trailer; use a large hydraulic cylinder to disassemble the gooseneck to raise and lower the trailer, and extend a small cylinder from the neck to the truck and remove the neck so that it can be a large The block device is transported from the front to the deck of the trailer. The hydraulic system can be operated from truck auxiliary equipment or a small motor mounted on the neck of the trailer.

3. Mechanically detachable gooseneck (mechanical RGN or MRGN): Although generally lighter than hydraulic detachable goosenecks, users sacrifice the convenience and speed of disassembly. For long-term professional transportation.

Mechanical Folding Gooseneck (MFGN): The deck is folded to the ground to provide a slope for trailer loading.

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