Semi-trailer Is A Widely Used Commercial Vehicle

- Oct 18, 2017-

Semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive economic benefit of highway transportation. Transport efficiency can improve $number, cost reduction $number, Special Semi-trailer oil consumption decline $number. More importantly, the use of semi-trailer, but also to the organization of logistics in China to a certain extent to promote the role.

Semi-trailer is the main transport volume is large, and not easy to split big cargo, such as excavators and so on, fence-style more suitable to pull fresh class of goods, such as vegetables, Special Semi-trailer fruit and so on. The box is more suitable for the bulk cargo and moisture-proof more valuable goods.

Semi-trailer It is one of many commercial vehicles, it mainly refers to the car traction and itself without power drive device. With the automobile body and semi-trailer manufacturing industry to maintain a rapid development trend, Special Semi-trailer market competition is more intense. However, semi-trailer continues to maintain a rapid development trend.

The semi-trailer has the advantages of no power, independent bearing characteristics and rapid, mobile, flexible and safe. Therefore, it is mainly used in transporting personnel or goods and other special uses, Special Semi-trailer generally also used in factories, docks, ports, warehouses, logistics center cargo area in the turnover of transport.

Semi-trailer It is a widely used commercial vehicle, because it has the advantages of rapid, exciting, flexible, and so on the transport of goods can achieve sector transport, Special Semi-trailer it is precisely because of this, in some important transport industry is the use of semi-trailer as a means of transport.

When the semi-trailer is loading or unloading or entering the unloading point, it is often easy to see a small accident when the rear of the semi-trailer is not visible. To address this problem, Schmitz company developed an intelligent camera system.

The camera is mounted at the rear of the semi-trailer, and the driver can safely unload the car only when it is unloaded in the cab. Images can be delivered to the driver's phone in real time. Special Semi-trailer The entire system consists of two cameras, one of which is a reverse camera, used to take a look at the back of the car, to see if there are any obstructions around, and another to shoot the semi-trailer body so that the driver can see the semi-trailer at any time.

Unlike other camera systems, additional displays are needed in the cockpit, also need to use wire connection to display the picture, Schmitz intelligent Camera system does not need to connect, just need to install a software on the phone, you can pass Schmitz wireless technology, Special Semi-trailer the camera system and your mobile phone together, All the images can be seen on your phone.

Conveniently, the system is mounted on a semi-trailer and no additional accessories are installed on the tractor. The service life of the general hangs in the car, Special Semi-trailer so the system can be used after the change. Many logistics enterprises will often be separated from the car, that is, this system for many logistics enterprises is very practical.