Semi-trailer Carrying Capacity

- Oct 27, 2017-

The semi-trailer is placed behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when the vehicle is loaded evenly) and is equipped with a trailer that can convey the horizontal and vertical forces to the connecting device of the tractor. Is through the traction pin and semi-trailer connected to a heavy transport transport. According to different characteristics, semi-trailer has a different classification.

Semi-trailer for coal, ore, construction materials and other bulk transport of bulk cargo.

Semi-trailer can be divided into two categories according to use: a class of non-road transport with heavy and super heavy dump trailer is mainly responsible for large-scale mining, Special Semi-trailer engineering and other transport tasks, usually supporting the use of excavators. Another type of light and medium-sized general dump trailer for road transportation is mainly responsible for the transportation of loose goods such as gravel, soil and coal, Special Semi-trailer usually used in conjunction with the loader. 1, the car with rollover and rear dumping way, can effectively improve the transport of bulk transport of bulk cargo transport efficiency. 2, the frame and the car longitudinal beam are made of high quality manganese welding, the box has a dustpan and rectangular two. With high strength, lifting force, stiffness, good toughness, carrying capacity, does not occur permanent deformation. 3, sophisticated technology: the main components of the use of advanced equipment from the processing, Special Semi-trailer longitudinal beam is made of automatic submerged arc welding, the use of assembly machine for axle, steel plate spring precision assembly.

Characteristics and use of semi - trailer

Features: Compared with the "single" car, semi-trailer can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of road transport. Transport efficiency can be increased by 30-50%, cost reduction of 30-40%, fuel consumption decreased by 20-30%. More importantly, the use of semi-trailer, but also on the organization of China's logistics play a certain degree of promotion.

Uses: semi-trailer is the main transport volume, Special Semi-trailer and difficult to split the large cargo, such as excavators, etc., the fence is more suitable for pulling fresh goods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. Van more suitable for pull bulk And moisture more expensive goods.

Semi-trailer frame mainly by the beam - welding I-beam, support beams, connecting beams, side beams, locks, traction pin connection devices, Special Semi-trailer panels and other components.

1. Side beams are generally channel or bending pieces, most of the trailers are currently using the channel, light body bending bending side beam will be more, because the strength requirements are not too large. Support beam is through the beam, and now most of them are W beam (the figure is the W beam to do through the beam), heavy goods only with more than 10 # channel.

2. For the rail car, the upper part of the fence, gantry and so on. The fence is divided into flat and vertical corrugated board, vertical corrugated board is a typical board, the strength will be higher. Gantry can also be called "front block", generally not a special request, Special Semi-trailer then the manufacturers will be movable and removable, so often pull the goods and easy to slide the goods must be welded on the basis of the gantry plus two cable. 

3. Traction pin is a semi-trailer and tractor connection and bear the traction of the important components, and the traction seat connected. Usually chrome alloy structure made of steel forged. For the different cargo tonnage 50 # traction pin, 90 # traction pin points. Generally 50T trailer and the total weight of the goods is limited to 50T the following 50 # pin, 50T or more is 90 #, 90T or more, then the insurance will use 90 # traction pin. 

4. Special Semi-trailer The general semi-trailer suspension is the use of non-independent steel stamping rigid suspension, a series of steel spring and suspension bearing components, used to support the load, reduce the impact of vehicle load. Because of the use of special vehicles with different use, the design of the suspension also have different requirements, there are four commonly used suspension: tandem steel leaf spring balance suspension, single point suspension, air suspension, rigid suspension (one line two axes).

5. Semi-trailer axle for the support bridge, axle through the leaf spring and rod and suspension device and the frame connected to the frame and the wheel between the support and transmission of the load force.

6. Semi-trailer electrical system consists of seven-pin socket, cable, air, all kinds of lamps and other components, for lighting, Special Semi-trailer safety warning and brake for gas and so on. Generally see the electrical wiring of the regular or not on the basic know how the quality of this factory, and this is a small see big.

7. Semi-trailer support device is mainly used to support the hanging off the trailer, by the legs, Special Semi-trailer connecting bracket and other components.

8. Semi-trailer protection device by side protection, after the protection of the composition of the protection of pedestrians and other vehicles will not drill under the semi-trailer. This thing is also good to do it, reduce the wind resistance to do a good job called the side skirt, Special Semi-trailer and abroad can do this, if made in the country side skirt called "modified" will be fined.

9. Other accessories on the semi-trailer include toolbox, spare tire frame, gantry, pile and so on. And some small accessories such as tight rope, Special Semi-trailer rope hooks such a very functional accessories, it is necessary according to their own cargo type of optional.