Jinhai Heavy Industry Win Order Of 4 Sets Of 208000 Tons Bulk Vessel

- Apr 06, 2017-

Jinhai heavy industry Win order of 4 sets of 208000 tons bulk vessel
Last month, Jinhai heavy industry and the Greek ship owner Chartworld signed contract on 4 sets of 208000 tons of Newcastle bulk vessel. This is Jinhai heavy industry got the second new order following the first contract on 6 sets of 19700tons class II chemical tank vessel signed with Singapore ship owner in 2017. 
Chartworld is a famous shipping company in Greece, which is involved in many fields, such as dry bulk cargo ships, refrigerated ships, oil tankers and container ships. According to reports, the company currently has a diversified fleet of 30 sets of ships, and control by the third party companies such as CMA CGM, OSG and other management of the ship's 20.
It is reported that since 2016, Chartworld frequently bought in the used dry bulk cargo ship market, continued to expand the size of its fleet, but it is the first time to buy new ship. The move also reflects the Chartworld positive attitude towards the future of large bulk cargo market.
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