Hydraulic Trailer Operation Special Flexibility

- Oct 18, 2017-

Hydraulic trailer also known as flatbed, all hanging flatbed, full trailer, flatbed trailer, etc., is an important tool for modern logistics and transportation, the use of hydraulic trailer is the most effective and simple means to improve economic efficiency, Hydraulic Modular Trailer with high load-bearing capacity and higher efficiency, can be towed by a tractor or more than a full trailer combination of the hydraulic trailer train.

1, double buffer type traction mechanism, in the vehicle start or the brakes have cushion to avoid damage to goods.

2, steering mechanism for the Shanghai Industrial Machinery slewing Assembly (Excavator hook arm slewing Assembly) for ten years do not worry about damage.

3, traction cage off adjustable fixed, different tonnage traction head or forklift traction only simple adjustment can be.

4, the suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard connection (welding), reduces the body long-term stress damage, the service life is longer.

5, the axle automatic swing adjustment, convex and concave floor to ensure the level of the plate and tire load balance.

6, the front and rear wheel group can be matched with spring steel plate shock absorber, Hydraulic Modular Trailer reduce the damage of the goods.

7, the configuration of universal connectors, operation is very flexible.

8, 180 degree slewing frame, minimum turning radius (180 degrees in-situ turning)

Today I bring you the knowledge point of the hydraulic trailer, I know that some users of the hydraulic trailer has been very familiar with, Hydraulic Modular Trailer but there is a large number of users of the hydraulic trailer is not understood, so again today to tell the knowledge of the hydraulic trailer, understand the hydraulic trailer can be in the consolidation of a bit, do not understand the must remember to read carefully, You can't remember to use it in your notebook for later usage.

Whether it is in the high car or economic vehicles, Hydraulic Modular Trailer the principle is the same, must be maintained on a regular basis, only the maintenance of appropriate, brilliant extension of the use of hydraulic trailer life, with the worry, to prevent the trip to itself and others to bring the hidden dangers of peace. Hydraulic Modular Trailer The normal use of quiet vehicles should pay attention to "3 points, 7 points of maintenance." It is clear that this is to be used by the consumer to establish a hydraulic trailer as usual to nursed the nervous consciousness.

First of all, the hydraulic trailer is often checked for tire pressure. Low tire pressure will increase the vehicle fuel consumption, meet the requirements of the tire pressure can be low fuel consumption. 3%. To regularly replace the hydraulic trailer oil, pay attention to washing charcoal and the cleaning device, Hydraulic Modular Trailer real-time replacement spark plugs and so on. To the regular gas station refueling, according to the hydraulic trailer compression ratio of the standard selection of fuel, marking the high or low city caused by the cylinder and nozzle carbon deposition growth, shrinking the use of life.

Just do not increase the power of the car to install equipment deployment, so as not to increase the load of generators. The running-in period should stop loading, speeding and low-speed driving. Hydraulic Modular Trailer A good driving custom can not only low fuel consumption, but also extend the life of vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to drive black and white accurately. See the red light early to receive oil, fair use of the measures not to extinguish the skid, less on the brakes. Even if the high gear, the manual transmission of vehicles in the speed after the stable should be in real time to change high gear. Stop the idle between the eternal robbery.

Above is the use of hydraulic trailers need to pay attention to, the next period will continue to update the relevant knowledge of the hydraulic trailer, Hydraulic Modular Trailer we remember to watch on time.

The hydraulic trailer consists of a hydraulic oil pump (6), a hydraulic oil tank (7), a hydraulic motor (11), a hand-operated reversing valve (9) and a foot control valve (10), and a rear drive axle (13) of the trailer compartment. The hydraulic oil pump shaft (17) is connected with the clutch shaft (14) of the walking tractor, and the hydraulic oil pump (6) is fastened on the double flange through the Heart End cover (15) with bolts. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large hydraulic transmission ratio, reliable braking, 2 dwt on the flat road, and a load of 700 kg to climb the 20~30° slope.