Hot Friends Circle In The End Of The Wheel Trailer In The End What Advantage?

- Aug 03, 2017-

Hot friends circle in the end of the wheel trailer in the end what advantage?

In the "GB / T3730.1-2001 car and trailer definition" will be divided into three types of trailers, respectively, semi-trailer, trailer and the central axle trailer. From the policy and regulations have been clearly defined in the central axle trailer and the trailer is not the same model, but the two principles are roughly the same, are traction bar trailer sequence.

The advantage of the center axle trailer is that its center of gravity is reduced, the high speed is more stable than the trailer, and it is more suitable for the trunk. The structure of the center trailer is relatively simple and the load is stable, and it is easier to break through the lightweight design. ; Its reversing principle is also roughly the same with the semi-trailer, no need to worry about reversing problems.

How much can the center axle be pulled?

In order to limit the general long-haul problem of domestic tractors, the central part of the "GT / T 1589-2016 automobile, trailer and automobile train outline size, shaft load and quality limit" Freight train options. The center-mounted cargo trains have a width of 2.55 meters and a maximum length of 22 meters, which means that the vehicle has more space to carry.

In terms of carrying the weight, the axle axle cargo train within three axes has its own standard, and the weight of the axle train and the tractor is almost the same. In addition to playing the role of the central axis of the freight train, the main car can also act as ordinary and now the major truck manufacturers are jointly express the development of the company in the axis of freight trains, because express delivery is generally "large size small tonnage", large volume The carriage and the moderate tonnage are in full compliance with the transport needs of the express light cargo. The flexibility of the center wheel trailer is also very good, you can do the way along the way or the rapid rejection of goods on demand, and in the case of no trailer can also act as a bicycle. However, due to the central shaft trailer on the vehicle's load and road conditions have strict requirements, making it only in the high-speed marked transport industry shine.


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