Germany Scheuerle New Road Transport Concept

- Sep 14, 2016-

Large transport on road is a complex project. Transportation plan selection need to take into account many aspects, for example, road condition, road transport regulation, large cargo kerb mass and volume, etc. Usually, transport vehicle only take up a single lane of road. However, oversize transport and overweight load need to take up two lanes or even more. The advantage of transport on two lanes is adapted to over-wide cargo, meanwhile, the pressure of loading capacity can be dispersed to bigger area in order to reduce the burden on the road.

For abnormal loads, at present, people usually use hydraulic modular trailer, Girder Bridge (Split Bridge), SPMT. 

Now, Germany Scheuerle produced a new heavy hauling trailer --- HighwayGiant, which can be folded and transported easily and fast to other sites. The most prominent feature of HighwayGiant is that body’s width can be changed. The min. width is about 4.8 m, the maximum width is up to 6 m. It can meet the three common width standard (4.8 m, 5.4 m, 6 m) in North America. On the one hand, the load area can be flexibly adjusted to suit the size of the goods, It can also change the distribution of the load on the road. Just one trailer will be able to meet the laws of the North American States, and the economic benefits are obvious.

Folding auxiliary device equipped at the two ends of HighwayGiant. During folding process, it needs lifting equipment to lift HighwayGiant. There are some lifting hole on both sides of the middle beam, which are convenient for hanging.

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