Do You Believe The Largest Wind Power Pile Leg Actually Reached 1300 Tons?

- Mar 17, 2017-

Do you believe the largest wind power pile leg actually reached 1300 tons? 

The world's most heavy single wind power pile leg left EEW SPC manufacturing base through self-propelled modular transporter. Its diameter is 7.8 meters with 82.2 meters long and weighs 1302.5 tons. After being painted, it would be installed on the Siemens 6MW wind turbine of Veja Mate offshore wind farm. 
In this project, EEW SPC totally undertook 67pcs of wind power pile leg. At present, 40pcs have been completed. The rest is expected to be completed within next two months. 
VejaMate wind farm is located 95 km away from Beihai, Germany. The entire wind farm is expected to be completed in 2018. It can provide 1.6TWh of electricity and 400,000.00 family electricity is available.
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