China's First Independent Benchmarking Method Of New Standards Will Be Introduced Lubricants

- Aug 02, 2017-

With China's auto consumption demand and maintain the year after year, the automotive industry technology is also changing with each passing day. The engine is the heart of the car, as the engine "flow of parts", with the engine "blood" known as the lubricating oil, can reduce the loss of metal parts within the engine, in improving the engine protection and performance play a key role. With the national "Made in China 2025" strategy and the upcoming "National Six" emission standards and the implementation of the "double integral" policy, driven by high pressure common rail, EGR technology, turbocharging technology, lightweight technology and other engine technology, New fuel consumption policy and the car engine energy-saving emission reduction technology reform on the engine lubricants also put forward higher requirements, the engine oil technology upgrade to become inevitable.

standard of engine oil in our country, to the technology to meet the challenge, inverse challenges into opportunities, jointly usher in a new round of development. Adhere to energy conservation and emissions reduction as the swimmer of independent innovation, focus on the entire life cycle of customer value, build the future independent brand automobile competitive advantage has become the target of the strategy of low carbon. In engine test development, according to characteristics of engine technology, and energy saving, environmental protection and long-term requirements of the lubricating oil test studies the temperature characteristics, sticky, lubricity, lubricating oil lubrication system response, limit conditions comprehensive performance, energy saving effect evaluation, fuel dilution adaptability evaluation, user comfort, oil change cycle and low speed preignition inhibitory adaptability of post-processing match ten trials. Energy saving effect evaluation results showed that the achieve design (> 3% drop in mechanical loss and fuel economy by 0.5% - 0.5%); Special fuel dilution test assessment confirmed that strictly under the condition of the engine running, the lubricating oil viscosity, excellent quality, suitable to improve valve system, the oil pump field noise level. Lubricating oil and engine synchronous development, to achieve the average friction coefficient reduced by 30%, mechanical damage reduced by 3% - 3%, 1% lower fuel consumption. 

As engine technology, as well as energy saving and emission requirements of the drive, special high efficient oil development, the establishment of independent lubricating oil standard is the trend of The Times.

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