You must know the rain driving tips

- Aug 10, 2017 -

Rainy days for the driver, in the slippery road driving is prone to the risk of wheel skidding, and some are inappropriate operation, illegal driving, and some are lack of experience, where XIAN HYZER IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD  for your driver friends sum up some rain Driving tips, must have a big use for you.

Driving in the run, encountered when the wheel slip how to operate?

 the front wheel slip, if the vehicle does not ABS system, can "point brake" together, the steering wheel to the direction of the slide to roll.

2, the rear wheel slip, you need to roll the direction of the steering wheel, rolling direction to be slow.

3, four slippery, insist on power output, until the slippery scene is gone.

How to avoid wheel skating?

1, keep the car away, avoid speed too fast

Rainy weather slippery, ladies and friends real-time pay attention to the distance with the car in front, to avoid the brake caused by the wheel slip. Especially in the bend must control the speed, avoid the speed of the formation of wheel skidding too fast.

2, overtaking line to be careful, do not beat the direction

In the rainy weather overtaking line is very risky, especially on the highway, because the speed of travel is high, the driver's narrow perspective, coupled with slippery road, a little rolling steering wheel to speed up the overtaking is very easy to cause the phenomenon of wheel slip.

3, uniform speed, avoid fierce step or Meng Meng throttle

When driving in the rain, be sure to pay attention to the speed of the vehicle evenly, stampede and release the accelerator pedal movements to be smooth, do not suddenly step on the accelerator or suddenly lift the throttle slow down. Accelerate the side of the slide to immediately reduce the throttle, and vice versa.

4, should not hinder the brakes

Reasonable use of brakes, no equipment, ABS vehicles in the face of urgent circumstances to use the "point of the brake" approach, not to let the wheels locked, but also to reach the agility down speed, but also to ensure that the drive wheel is not locked Wheel skid.

Many roads in the rain after the road conditions worse, coupled with the original slippery road, to bring a certain degree of difficulty in normal driving. To remind the majority of driver friends when necessary slow down, to avoid the formation of the road when the brake slip of the dangerous situation.

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