Wind blade transportation

- May 08, 2019-

Wind blade transport semi-trailer has common extendable transport semi-trailer, axle line transport semi-trailer and lift type transport semi-trailer. We will introduce to you separately:

(1) The ordinary extendable semi-trailer is somewhat similar to the low bed semi trailer, but its girder is designed with buckle box type. The girder is pulled to adjust the length of the trailer to adapt to the different length of the blade transporting. It is known that the longest domestic pulling blade transporting semi-trailer can reach 65 meters.

(2) The biggest difference between axle line semi-trailer and common extendable semi-trailer is that the chassis adopts hydraulic axle design, which makes the platform lower and steering more flexible.

(3) Lifting blade transport semi-trailer (wind blade adaptor) refers to the blade transport trailer equipped with hydraulic lifting device. It mainly aims at the problem of blade transport in mountainous areas. In the case of flat road, the blade is transported horizontally. When turning radius is very small in mountainous area, lifting device is used to raise the height of the blade (usually 5-10 meters) and shorten the length of the vehicle to bypass obstacles.

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wind blade adaptor 1

wind blade adaptor 3