wind blade adaptor trailer for mountain introduction

- May 13, 2019-

The wind blade adaptor trailer for mountain area comprises a body and a walking mechanism, the body includes a body chassis and a rotating frame; the rotating frame is installed on the body chassis through a slewing support; the rotating frame is provided with a cab, an engine, a hydraulic oil pump, a hydraulic oil tank, a diesel oil tank and an air compressor, and two hydraulic lifting oil tanks are also installed on the top surface of the front end of the rotating frame. A fixed clamp for wind blades is arranged between the cylinder group and the hydraulic lifting cylinder group; a sliding telescopic body is arranged in the rear part of the rotating frame; the tail part of the sliding telescopic body is provided with a wind blade base through a pin shaft; and the front end face of the wind blade base is provided with a connecting flange for the wind blade. The wind blade adaptor trailer for mountain area can solve the problem that the traditional trailer is difficult to climb and can not walk in the rugged mountains, and can ensure the safety of the transportation of wind blade equipment.

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