What is Windmill tower transport trailer

- Oct 30, 2017 -

What is Windmill tower transport trailer? 

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At present, the diameter and length of wind power tower are relatively large. When the finished tower storage more, they will occupy most of the space in the workshop, so that people can not carry out the normal production work and they affect the production schedule. It needs to produce the finished tower Tube temporarily stored in the open space outside the workshop. The old tower transport method is to use two cranes to lift the tower, and then transported to the storage tower position. After tower being fixed, the crane come back and repeating work. This method requires two cranes to transport. Because the tower is heavier and the crane is running slowly, it is only short-distance transport, and transport costs are higher, and there are security risks during transport process, which is the existing technology deficiencies. With the increasing production of tower equipment, in order to effectively use the space, improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, it is a must to change the original tower transport mode.
Our windmill tower transport trailer includes a body and a wheel, both ends of which are provided with a walking device and a support mechanism. The walking device is fixedly connected with the support mechanism, the vehicle body is provided with a beam. The mechanism of ends is connected by beams. The specific technical scheme is that the support mechanism is located between the wheels of the corresponding one end of the walking device, the support mechanism comprises a support table and a support frame mounted on the support table, along with hydraulic cylinder between the support table and the support frame. And the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is connected with the support frame, and the hydraulic cylinder body is fixedly connected with the support table. The carrier combines the transportation and lifting function, and the structure of the truck is simple, the layout is reasonable and the transportation cost is saved. 
The support frame is located above the support table, the hydraulic cylinder is located below the both ends of the support frame, the hydraulic cylinder is arranged in the mouth of the support table, and the support frame is movable up and down through the hydraulic cylinder to guarantee bigger tower up and down safely and smoothly. Wherein the traveling device comprises a power mechanism and a transmission mechanism, the power mechanism comprises a motor and a reducer. The transmission mechanism comprises a chain and a sprocket which is connected with a wheel, and the reducer is connected with the sprocket drive by a chain; the reducer adopts a cycloidal reel, and the reducer has a large reduction ratio, high efficiency and light weight smooth operation and low noise.
Our windmill tower transport trailer has the advantages of simple structure, simple operation, full utilization of existing equipment and space, low manufacturing cost and many other advantages. The support body of windmill tower transport trailer has the track for carrying the tower. It is fast and smooth transport, greatly improving the efficiency, saving transportation costs, eliminating the security risks, suitable for the workshop to the storage area of the long distance of the transport.

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