steel material trailer and aluminum material trailer part 1

- Aug 06, 2020-

In the traditional concept, people are very familiar with the steel trailer. Through practical use and experience accumulation, they have a full understanding of the structure and bearing capacity (strength) of the steel trailer. But for the domestic new all aluminum alloy trailer, how about its bearing capacity (strength) and service reliability? People have doubts.

For the need of energy conservation and emission reduction, in the past 30 years, countries all over the world have been considering the issue of vehicle lightweight, and are exploring which kind of lighter, harder, cheaper and more abundant material can replace steel. With the rapid development of scientific and technological revolution, the world's vehicle industry has found the answer: aluminum alloy ------ fortunately become the first choice.

In fact, developed countries in Europe and the United States began to produce and use aluminum alloy trailers in the 1980s. Now, aluminum alloy trailers in European and American countries have become commonplace, and gradually replace all steel trailers and become the mainstream models. In China, aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy accessories, aluminum alloy rail trains have begun to mature application.

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