SIEMENS Gamesa 5 MW onshore wind turbine successfully landing China

- Dec 19, 2017 -

SIEMENS Gamesa 5 MW onshore wind turbine  successfully landing China

On December 6th, 2017, the first 5 MW onshore wind turbines of Siemens Gamesa was successfully installed  in China Tianjin Nangang wind farm. 

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The wind farm locates in Nangang industrial zone of Tianjin City. Siemens Gamesa will be responsible for the supply and installation of 18 sets of G132-5.0 MW wind turbine, the total capacity of 90 MW. The height of the wheel hub is 103 meters, and the full steel flexible tower is designed.

The segmented blades and segmented tower design of G132-5.0 MW type make the same transport requirements as that of the 2 MW models, and also ensure the economy of main hoist selection in hoisting. The wind power project is planned to be hoisted in May 2018 and connected with grid in June.

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Because this is the first project of G132-5.0MW, the management of the company specially set up Quality Wall quality management team, with Siemens Gamesa in the wind power industry for more than 35 years of professional experience and the cooperation of various departments, high efficiency and high quality solution to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

The 5 MW platform is one of the most powerful platforms in the land wind turbine market. The blade length of the G132-5.0MW is 64.5 meters,and the diameter of the impeller is 132 meters. In addition, the wind turbine is designed with redundant modules, which can ensure that the wind turbine has a reliable performance and the maximum output of electricity, thus optimizing the cost of the electric power.

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The wind turbine is also protruding with its lighter weight, which can effectively reduce the cost of the work of the wind farm. One G132-5.0 MW wind turbine can generate electricity for 5000 families for one year.

In April 2015, the first G132-5.0 MW ClassIIA prototype was established, and it got the type authentication of DNV GL in June. The whole authentication process was completed, and mass production has been achieved.

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