Maintenance techniques for aerial work vehicles

- Aug 09, 2017 -

General high-altitude operation of the maintenance of the car can be divided into chassis maintenance and coat maintenance, the chassis are generally in the corresponding chassis service station in accordance with the provisions of the use of the provisions of the maintenance period can be maintained on the maintenance is no specific description, Car user experience, summed up some maintenance of aerial work car skills:


Routine care

1, check the tubing is damaged, whether there is oil spill. If so, must be resolved, if due to oil leakage caused by insufficient oil, oil should be sufficient.

2, to keep the work car clean, pay attention to keep the work car plank, work platform, ladder can not have oil, grease, mud.

CAUTION: Do not aim at the electrical components and the electrical system when cleaning.

3, check the log all signs, replace and repair all damaged signs. It is dangerous to use a work vehicle that does not have a sign of operation.