How to handle the longest windmill blade transport in the world?

- Oct 18, 2016 -

At least, the world’s longest windmill blade record is created by the Danish company LM Wind Power. The longest windmill blade in the world is 88.4m long at present. 

windmill blade trailer

How to transport the world’s longest windmill blade? There is no ready-made transport equipment for such long blade. It is not only to consider the length, but also to consider the height of blade. The final height is 4.47m after loading on windmill blade trailer. How to do when passing the place with limit height? In case the expensive blade will be scraped, then everything may come to naught. The problem was solved by Mamnoet Wind, from Denmark. Mamnoet Wind's engineering specialists have tailor-made a special windmill blade transport solution that has successfully delivered the longest blades from LM Wind Power's plant in Lunderskov to the blade testing center in Aalborg.
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