How to avoid tire wear is not normal?

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Tires are inseparable from the drivers' daily sports cars. The use of tires will not only affect operating costs, but may also affect the safety of the vehicles. The problems that occur on tires are all the most common problems one.

"Eating tires" is one or several tires inside or outside the abnormal acceleration of wear and tear. In the inspection of the tire can be clearly seen when the pattern wear than other tires or the other side of the same tire wear and tear, resulting in partial grinding, resulting in the tire scrapped. Tire improper use and front wheel positioning are not allowed, it will produce abnormal wear, that is, "eating tires".

Do this to effectively prevent the situation of "eating tires"

1 regular vehicle tire maintenance work, maintenance is not only the tire is a comprehensive system of vehicle inspection, improve safety is the focus.

2 Note that the adjustment of tire pressure is also an important inspection work, too high and too low will shorten its life. While the high pressure will accelerate the crown wear, and to improve the performance of rolling resistance.

3 regularly do a wheel positioning, ahead of time to understand the state of the vehicle, while remind you that the trailer is actually necessary to do the wheel positioning

4 overload is one of the main reasons for the rapid wear of tires, for long-term overload dump truck is the best example, so whether it is to save tires or for safety, or try to avoid overload.

5 cargo loading method will actually have a serious impact on the tire in the actual operation of the load as much as possible to do the load evenly, otherwise the burden of "each tire" is not the same, of course, heavier local tire wear will be more serious.

6 drivers in addition to the situation in the traffic, but also learn to choose the road driving, driving in the larger degree of the road, to try to stay in the middle, reducing the side of the tire load increases tire wear uneven.

The problem of eating the child is almost accompanied by every driver, and many times are in the event of a problem before starting to find the cause. In fact, to keep the ground maintenance inspection, tires of the tire pressure are in line with the standard, how can we stubborn "eating tires" it? There is a small Mo small, the roadside is not three packs of tires may be you have to throw away the discarded tires refurbished, and buy something better use longer.