Drivers friends can not miss the practical experience!

- Aug 15, 2017 -

Often see the driver friends exchange car experience, that are justified, as if this is a never talk endless topic. The same car different usage and maintenance methods will make the car's life there is a big gap, a recent car skills contest, from all over the elite players, to explain their car experience, experience summarized as follows, look at Look at these old drivers are how to raise cars with the car.

Want the horse to run fast eat grass can not be bad in the fuel problem, the players agreed that small oil is the most deadly killer of the engine. Now the engine is no longer a simple mechanical pump structure, manufacturing accuracy is getting higher and higher, more and more perfect degree of electrification, combustion systems, cooling systems more and more scientific, in order to keep the engine has been high combat effectiveness, Need "spoiled".

"Small oil" because most of the production process is not up to the oil is difficult to ensure that the combustion system into the engine after the uncertainty of the factors that the sulfur element, if the content is too high will accelerate the corrosion of the injector, Reduce the life of the engine, the most direct impact is to shorten the use of oil mileage.

Grinders do not mistake the firewood car performance is to keep up with the rhythm, maintenance is critical. Since the election is a car, we must do "support"! For maintenance, must be timely, not in the maintenance of "cheating" car, oil, filter, etc. must be replaced in time, wheel to regularly check whether the need for lubrication, chassis parts of the work is normal. Now the market is poor but can not cut in the maintenance of cutting, if the car which day on the road because the maintenance can not keep up and "temper", the cost of remediation may be much more than the normal maintenance now "maintenance-free" "long oil change" is a lot of manufacturers Promotional models of the keywords, but does not mean that the provisions of the mileage can be ignored. Each car is running on the road in different conditions, the load situation is also different, "maintenance-free" and "long oil change" only to reduce the maintenance costs, but the daily inspection work can not be lazy. Take the oil, the parking to be engine cooling and oil level after the smooth, only need to take out two minutes to check whether the oil deterioration, consumption is normal.

Select the appropriate gear according to the road conditions

Since the gearbox design a number of gear, is to choose according to different traffic conditions different gear ratio. Some card friends in the driving because of laziness, in the small deceleration after the choice of the original gear pulled high speed, although you can control the throttle to increase the speed, but the engine pressure will increase to accelerate the mechanical parts of the abnormal wear and tear, fuel consumption will increase The

Very intuitive example, we are riding a mountain bike, according to the different sections of the adjustment before and after the two transmission gear, so riding will not be tired, the engine the same token.

Reduce the number of brakes as far as possible even when the brake said, "not afraid of slow, afraid of the station," the players are consistent conclusions. Driving process, to make good enough to judge the road ahead, in pedestrians and vehicles in more sections ahead of the slowdown, the ideal state is in the adoption of both the need for a sudden brake slow or do not need to stop in the state of parking and then start. A Scania trainer says the ultimate goal of driving is "zero brake".

Each engine has the best working speed range and the corresponding speed, the participating senior driver friends also believe that the best driving state is the best speed to achieve the best speed. So that both the purpose of saving fuel, but also to reduce the engine wear to the lowest level.

Overloading is taboo some drivers friends mistakenly think that horsepower is overloaded to run more easily. On the contrary, the horseman is only in order to better adapt to the rapid development of the logistics industry on the timeliness and power requirements. Although there is no data to show that the overload of the car's life has much impact, but the overload is a recognized fact.

Under normal circumstances, a car overload life of only three years, then the engine will be like a tractor as weak.

Finally, the participating drivers summed up: the use of the car, deliberately focus on which aspects is not comprehensive enough, good car habits need to develop in the daily, "Germany and the United States and the United States to develop" in order to allow car " Body sticks "!

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