Characteristics of International Rent Trade

- Jul 16, 2019-

Characteristics of International Rent Trade

The characteristics of leasing trade itself are very beneficial to both sides of the transaction.

1. The lessee can make effective use of the lessor's funds.

The lessee can use the machine before paying the rent, and can maximize the use of the lessor's funds to help their own production.

2. The lessee may use the lessor to obtain the required equipment in a timely manner.

The leasing method can enable the lessee to get the equipment to put into production in time when needed, which is conducive to saving funds and seizing the market.

3. Reduce the risk of lessee

Before the lessee plans to purchase the equipment, he can rent the equipment to understand its performance and applicability, so as to avoid the risk of blind purchase.

4. Leasing can save money.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on equipment that is not often used. Leasing can save money.

5. Equipment lessors can obtain higher economic benefits

Leasing by equipment manufacturers is conducive to expanding product sales and obtaining tax incentives.

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