Astonishing footage shows enormous windmill blades being transported on the back of TRUCKS

- Oct 26, 2017 -

Astonishing footage shows enormous windmill blades being transported on the back of TRUCKS
As delivery jobs go, transporting windmill blades is one of the toughest assignments.
Incredible clips show how enormous blades - ranging in length from 52.4 metres to a world-record 88.4 metres (288 feet) – have been transported by road on the back of trucks in manoeuvres that resemble surreal mechanical jousting competitions.
One trucking firm in China was tasked with transporting 90 windmill blades by windmill blade trailer to the top of 2,900metre-tall (9,500ft) Baoding mountain in Yunnan province in 2015.

windmill  blade trailer.jpg

Three are pictured here making the perilous journey.

wind blade trailer.jpg

Footage shows the trucks slowly negotiating the treacherous route, which contains 212 turns and very steep slopes. One is over 30 degrees.

windmill blade transport trailer.jpg

It was a tough task, but the trucks had a trick up their sleeves – the 52.4metre, 12-tonne blades rested on a special trailer, named windmill blade mountain trailer, fitted with a hydraulic system that could adjust their height and angle. 
Without this the drivers simply wouldn’t have been able to go around all the corners.
Each journey took five hours to complete. Without the hydraulic system the drivers would not have been able to negotiate corners.

wind blade transport trailer.jpg

The turbine blades made for an utterly surreal sight as they made their way along public roads
In 2016, meanwhile, LM Wind Power, in Denmark, managed to transport the world’s biggest windturbine blade by road.
The task took nine months to plan.
Needless to say, the truck that hauled it went straight over roundabouts it encountered.
The off-shore windmill that it was fitted to is one of the biggest mechanical structures ever built.

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