Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer

Heavy Hauler Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer

Nicolas MDED Hydraulic Modular trailer
1.Our N3.0-2 hydraulic modular trailer is compatible with Nicolas MDED modular trailer and Nicolas SPMT.
2.Hydraulic Modular trailer is for transporting abnormal loads.
3.Also known as hydraulic platform trailer,hydraulic multi axle trailer,heavy hauler trailer.

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Product Details

Material of main beam, upper and lower wing beam, cross beam, longitudinal beam, connecting pin are using special thick WH60(δb=60kg/mm2) steel plate, box-shaped structure, high strength, hard to deform. 
Hydraulic modular trailer (full-trailer or semi-trailer) consists of main beam, frame, hydraulic suspension, axles, steering tie rod system, hydraulic system, air brake system and power pack.

Advantage Feature

It has advantages, such as adjustable platform height, even axles’ load, small turning radius and convenient reversing, etc. It remains its platform level at sloping condition, thus can ensure the stability of the cargo.

Hydraulic combined trailer adopts modular design which can connect other modules in longitudinal and lateral direction (end by end, side by side) to suit cargo on different dimension and weight.


1. Our N3.0-2 hydraulic modular trailer is compatible with Nicolas MDED modular trailer and Nicolas SPMT. 
2. It also can connect with Drop deck, Spacer, Extendable Vessel Bridge, Turntable, Girder Bridge to transport special cargo. 
3. Grid main frame design realize easy maintenance (relocate linkage rods, change Tyre, etc).
4. The most mature (1st generation) modular trailer we manufacture.
5. The most cost-effective modular trailer.
6. Hydraulic suspension, hydraulic steering, platform height adjustable, special for overweight and oversize cargo transport 
7. Multiple choice, N3.4, N3.0-1, N3.0-2, and N3.0-3 have different performances. For more modular trailer specifications, please download. 

Different combinations with various of accessories can be supplied according to customer transport needs!

hydraulic modular trailer

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